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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jerry R. Laudermilk
We all struggle with keeping our priorities in line. And we all get them out of alignment from time to time. That’s why we need to check often to see where our priorities really are.

I watched a short video once of a mother duck trying to get all of her ducklings up a set of stairs. She had a course set, and no doubt a destination in mind, but this obstacle had become a real issue for the ducklings. You know how baby ducks follow their mother, usually all in a row, but in this video she was having a terrible time keeping them all in alignment because of these steps which seemed almost insurmountable.

In this video, there were probably 12 ducklings and three to four steps.  She had no problem navigating the steps of course, but the tiny ducklings had a terrible difficulty in following her. Most of the time, she stood patiently at the top of the stairs waiting for them to each make the climb. Yet while she waited for the last ones to navigate the obstacle, a few of the stronger ducklings became impatient and would try to go ahead even though they had no idea where they were going. So Momma would go a certain distance from the steps as if to gather the wayward impatient ones, then return to wait for the ones still struggling. The ducklings that were first up the stairs, though growing impatient, would always return with her and to wait.  Once all of the ducklings were safely at the top of the steps she continued on her journey, as the ducklings realigned themselves in to a neat little line.

There are obstacles in our lives like those steps, and a line of priorities which we often struggle to maintain. Some obstacles seem insurmountable, others are only a slight difficulty. Yet though we might navigate them okay, the obstacles we encounter have a tendency to mess up our priorities. The ‘stronger’ things will often try to take the lead, even though they may not necessarily be the most important at the time, and we must corral them back into place.  Other things might seem ‘weaker’ and cause a delay in our plans or lives, and we have to slow or even stop and regroup... because they are important to us.   

The thing is, when we take care to not allow the pressing things to distract us from the most needed things, our priorities have a way of realigning themselves properly. Keep the main thing, the main thing. Seek first the kingdom of God, even if things like finding time on your knees seem to delay you. Reign-in those things that seem so pressing but don’t really even have a clue to the course already set in your life. Priorities will try to get out of alignment if you don’t pay careful attention, but with intentional care you will get your ducks in a row.

(I looked, and you can find that video on YouTube by searching, “Ducklings vs. Stairs” or by going to:

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