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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Not Everyone Will Go...

As we live we also learn.  Some lessons are hard and even harder to receive.  While other things you learn, and wonder, “Why couldn’t I have learned this years ago.” Life though, seems to have a way of teaching us what we need to know, precisely when we need it most. I guess that is just the way God designed it.  What invaluable lesson has life taught you lately that you could share with others to encourage them?  Here is something I have learned:

I have learned that not everyone will go with you on your journey toward your destiny.

Some will not go because they are ‘stuck’ in something. Perhaps it’s self pity, or bitterness, or a habit of sin that they aren’t ready to let go of. Others will stay behind because they just aren’t mature enough to go to the place God is taking you.  Still others, and honestly this is the most probable reason, cannot go with you because their destiny simply lies in another direction.

It’s easy to judge those who don’t go with us. It saddens us, and sometimes angers us when we know we have to move forward and others feel contented to remain. Yet in actuality, we’ve all been right where they are now.  Someone in your life was once where you are spiritually, and you watched them grow toward their own destiny, while you were satisfied to stay put. It may have been for any number of reasons, but you just couldn’t go. They may have judged you for not going with them, or they may not have, but we should determine that with God’s help we will not judge. We will leave that to Him.

Sometimes this manifests itself in the physical, and we leave behind mother or father, or brother, or sister. Other times it is Spiritually that we move forward, and it feels the same, as if we are causing some sort of separation. God’s purpose it too precious though. His plan is too real. The pursuit of Him is too essential to let others who aren’t going cause you to miss your destiny. Go after God!

If God is drawing you closer to Him, Go after Him with all your heart. If others don’t go, journey on. If God is teaching you, and others don’t seem to be getting it, still, learn all He will allow you to learn. If God is showing you a destiny that he has ordained for you, but others aren’t understanding it… It’s okay to invite them along, even urge them to come, and maybe they will go with you, but YOU have to go after the path of God!

With all this said, I ask you to go on a spiritual journey with me this year… I feel like destiny is ahead. I believe that for most of us, at Abundant Life Tabernacle, our destiny is intertwined at least for the foreseeable future.  You may disagree, and if you do I forgive you and I will journey on toward my Spiritual destiny while allowing you to go toward yours, but let’s certainly not just sit here and allow God to pass us by.

God has brought us together, to this place and at this time, for His purpose. Why not give all we have and just see where He will take us?  Why not seek Him with our whole heart? Why not allow His plan for this church and for each of us individually to come to pass?

God’s plan is always better than our own. The destiny that He has for you will far exceed your own hopes and dreams! The path ahead may be unknown to you, but God has it mapped out.  Some will reluctantly stay behind, others will gladly go along, but WE must press into His planned destiny for us if we want to receive ALL the joy that He wishes to bestow on us. Go with me this year on a pursuit of God! Will you?