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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Something Great

If you could do something great for the kingdom of God, what would it be? Think about that for a moment. What would you do for the Lord, if you knew you couldn’t fail? If you knew the Lord would bless your efforts and would even supply the means to accomplish the task, what would you do?

If we honestly consider these questions, I think that many of us would realize that we have something, or maybe more than one thing, that comes to mind which we dream of doing for God. Others, perhaps, have never considered the possibility that you could ever do anything of benefit for God’s Kingdom, much less something great.  

You can do something great though! God has placed greatness in each of us.  We were created in His own image, and even though man has fallen, WE who have believed, are new in Christ!

I believe it’s likely that the very thing that crossed your mind when I asked those questions, is something that God, Himself, has placed there.  As humans we sometimes selfishly dream of doing things to build our own kingdom, but if your dream is of something for the Kingdom of God, then it probably didn’t originate with you.

If that dream is of things like building homes for the homeless, or feeding the masses of starving children in some third world country, or seeing souls come to Christ by the thousands, or even one by one… It probably is not a selfish human aspiration, but rather a desire placed in you by the Lord. 

Perhaps  though it’s not so glorious as those grand ideas, but more mundane.  Maybe you simply desire to tell an unsaved neighbor about Jesus, or the love in your heart pushes you to comfort a grieving family who has lost a loved one.  Maybe you want to show some child at the local YMCA that not everyone has some ulterior motive when they give them a kind word.  Or, maybe you want to rally to the aid of someone who lost everything to a house fire.  Those are great things too!

Those dreams of doing great things for God are probably not your own.  God’s word tells us that He has given US the ministry of reconciliation.  Reconciling man and God is a great task, and a great honor, but God has already done all the hard work!  We get to be the messengers bringing the message of hope to a world at odds with God! …And there are thousands of ways to do that which ultimately point to Jesus!

So, what is your dream and how does it fit into fulfilling the plan of God in the world? What is it that you dream of doing in the Kingdom of God?  Because, God wants you to do great things for Him!  He’s willing to supply the means so that you can accomplish what He has placed in your heart to do for Him. He wants to see you do it without failing.

So here’s another question: If God is for you, then what’s holding you back? Take that first step, a step of faith toward what God has placed in your heart and just see if He blesses it. No dream is too big, or too small, if God is in it. Go on… do it! Walk it out by faith. Lives can be changed. Souls can be saved!  With His help, YOU can do great things for the Kingdom of God!