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Monday, February 10, 2014

Cry Out To Jesus

In Luke chapter 18 verses 35 to 43 there's a story of a blind man who cried out "Jesus thou Son of David have mercy on me!" 

The Bible tells us that Jesus heard him and stopped. Then he had the man brought before him and He asked the man "What would you have me to do for you?"

The man said "That I might receive my sight."  Jesus healed him and the man followed Him praising God.

I was reading that this morning and noticed the phrase "and Jesus stopped" some version say "Jesus stood still." Then it says that "Jesus had the man brought before Him."

Don't be afraid to cry out to Jesus, no matter what your situation. Our cries can stop Him in his tracks! His word also says that "His ears are ever open to the cries of the righteous." 

Jesus is listening for your cry today. Cry out to Jesus! Your cries may cause Him to stop and take notice. And then even greater, He may bring you before His presence!

In His presence there is fullness of joy! In His presence is where we find healing. In His presence is where we find restoration. In His presence is where our needs are met. In His presence even those who were once blind, can look upon his face!