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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Sustainability... I was thinking today about sustainability. What if we, the church, had kept all the ground in the world that we had once claimed for the Kingdom of God? Great Britain, for example, was once well evangelized but now has become what is called a ‘post Christian’ society. It needs to be evangelized again, but now has become somewhat resistant to the gospel. What if we had held the ground we had gained?  The answer is the whole world would likely have been evangelized by now.

What if we had sustained the great moves of God through the years past? Revivals have broken out numerous times through the history of the church but only lasted for a relatively short period of time, usually they only covered a specific region, and then they fizzled out. A few of those revivals were so powerful that whole nations were changed! Now though, here we are in the 21st century. We are in a time when the church in much of the world seems to have lost its fire for God. This is especially true of the American Church. We are lukewarm and with the exception of the occasional flame in one place or the other, it seems the church is growing colder and colder. What if the church could have sustained those great moves of God from the past?  Again, the answer is that our assignment would likely be accomplished by now.

Some would say that only God can sustain a move of God.  I understand that sentiment, but I disagree based on my observations of the Word of God. I personally believe that every move of God in this Earth comes solely because of a great hunger in God’s children which causes them to pursue Him.  In turn, our pursuit brings His nearness.  I believe God is ALWAYS willing to pour out His Spirit upon us.  Look at these scriptures to see His willingness… If WE seek Him with our whole heart we will find Him (See Jer. 29:13). “Draw near to me, and I’ll draw near to you” (James 4:8).  Acts 2:17 even tells us “And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh…”  If God is willing to pour His Spirit on us if we seek Him, then He clearly must also be willing that we see a sustained move of His Spirit.  He didn’t call us to win this world for Him, to only lose ground once again to Satan.

Here is an observation that parallels with this type thinking. Pay close attention: “IF it was God’s job to sustain His movement in the Earth, it would be sustained. If it was God’s job to hold the ground that has been taken for the Kingdom of God, it would be held.”  God never fails at anything. I clearly see it as our job to create an atmosphere of sustainability. Here are a few another scriptures to support my view that WE are responsible for the sustaining of God’s work.  Matthew 5:13a tells us,  “You are the salt of the earth…”. (Salt preserves.)  Hebrews 10:13 (NASB) says that Jesus was seated at the right hand of God and He is “waiting from that time onward UNTIL HIS ENEMIES BE MADE A FOOTSTOOL FOR HIS FEET.” The KJV tells us He’s “expecting till His enemies be made His footstool”.  Also, we’re told in the parable of the Minas (Luke 19:13) that a Nobleman (Jesus) gave to his servants and told them to “occupy” until I come.  The word ‘occupy’ is a military term which speaks of holding the land!

It’s our job, church, to seek God and thus birth the move that He desires to bring to our city and our world.  It’s also our job to prepare for that move, so that we might sustain it.  So how do we sustain a move of God? It takes prayer, fasting, study of the word, spiritual warfare, evangelism, worship and the list goes on… but I can condense the description of what it will take to one word.  Sustainability in the Kingdom of God requires “discipleship”.  We can have a revival that shakes our region, but if people aren’t discipled to carry on the work properly, it will be short lived. 

Let me ask you two questions. “Are you willing to do your part to welcome and sustain a move of God?” “Will you be discipled, and then help to disciple others so that we might pass the torch to the next generation of Christian and see sustainability in the Kingdom?”  Count the cost, but if so please get to work!