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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Powerful and Precious

The promises of God are powerful and precious.
They speak generally, to ALL of us at once.
They speak directly to each of us.
They have deep personal meaning.
They give us hope of eternal life!
They reassure us in doubt, worry, and frustration.
They comfort us in times of trouble.
The remind us of God's feelings toward us; His love, His compassion, His tender mercies.
They empower us to win in spiritual battle!
They correct us when we are off track.
They help us to become better than we are without them.
They thrill us with the awe of God's greatness.
They remind us of our frailty and our need for Him.
They make us anxious for home.
They give us hope to face each day, no matter what may come our way.
They sustain us in drought.
The revive us when faint, like fresh cool water.
They tell us His will for our lives, our health, our future.
They reassure us of life abundantly in Christ.
They tell us good news, in a world of that desperately needs good news!
They give us something to reach for.
They give us joy for our journey.
They give substance to our faith.
The promises of God are powerful and precious.

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