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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The End of Creationism?

Pope Francis has declared that God isn't "a magician with a magic wand who can do everything"  On the contrary God is FAR superior to a 'magician'!  His power FAR superior to a 'magic wand'!

I'm so saddened to hear though that he, the pope, has effectively declared the garden of Eden only a story and evolution 'real'.  Some are declaring that this is the end of Creationism and Intelligent Design...  Yet his opinion hasn't swayed me, I still believe the Bible!

Perhaps we don't understand creation fully,we are told very little, in just a few chapters... And God's methods are certainly mysterious, His word says so. Perhaps science and faith haven't been able to agree on what happened at the beginning, and science SEEMS to have some compelling 'evidence'. But the question is, "Do you take God at His Word (Faith in God), or do you try to explain His Word away in ways that we, in our finite understanding, can imagine them being possible?"  (Faith in man's wisdom)

I'll stick with God.  I believe with God ALL THINGS ARE still POSSIBLE!

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