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Saturday, March 30, 2013

People Have Always Been in Search of a Savior...

People have always been in search of a savior...  And they have looked to lots of people... But those people have always died.

Buddha died, of food poisoning, about 483 BC and his body was cremated and relics of it were placed on display at various monuments.  His tooth is reportedly still on display in the "temple of the tooth" in Sri Lanka still today.

Confucius died in 479 BC, reportedly grief stricken by the loss of his son and a favorite disciple. He was buried in his home town of Qufu, in China. 100,000 of his own descendants are buried in the same Cemetery. 

Mohamed died in the city of Medina, Saudi Arabia, in the year 632 AD/CE in his wife's home, with his head laying in her lap.  He had fallen ill only a few days earlier, with a high fever and sever pain in his head.  He was buried in that same house, which now has been engulfed by what is known as "the mosque of the prophet".  His remains lay in a grave behind a golden mesh and  black curtains.

Jesus died somewhere around the year 33 AD.  Since our calendar has had some errors in the last 2000 years and has been adjusted, it is difficult to say the exact date. However, there was reportedly a great darkness that covered the Earth as recorded in Matthew 27, Historic documents of the time also tell of this darkness happening in the year 33, and recent geological data suggests a great earthquake the same date.  It most certainly happened between the year 26 AD and 36 AD while Pontius Pilate was procurator of Judea.  In any case, he died on a cross as capital punishment, officially for blasphemy... saying He was Gods son, and equal to God.  

He proved it when he got up from death three days later!  

After that, more than 500 witnesses saw him at one time….His tomb is still in Jerusalem.  It still lies empty until this day! 

Jesus was dead, but is risen!

(I pray your search leads you to the risen savior... There's no one like Jesus!)

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