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Monday, November 15, 2010

Biblical Priorities

As a pastor I am seemingly always trying to get more people involved in ministry. One of the common excuses is, "I just don't have the time to be that involved." It's true that one of the big issues in today's society is the lack of time, and I understand that, but it does take a toll on Christian Ministry.

Actually, we don't have any less time now than in the years past. Our days are just filled, to a far greater extent, with so many more activities. Most of us have dedicated our time to so many things that we hardly have time to give to anything else.

One of the songs we sing on Sunday morning says, “The time that I have left, is all I have of worth. I lay it at your feet Lord, it’s less than you deserve, and though I've little strength, and though my days are few, you gave your life for me So, I will live my life for you…”

As I consider how busy I am, I often feel nearly overwhelmed. I understand that you are stretched too. So what can we do to take away some of these stresses and give ourselves more time for the things of God? It’s not some deep secret. We just need to simplify, and some of us need to learn to say “no” to the seemingly endless invitations to activities. That can all be harder than it sounds though.

In order to simplify our lives we first have to prioritize. We have to figure out what things are most important and what things are least important. Let me help you with that. The most important things in life are our relationships. First should be my relationship with God. Second should be my relationship with my spouse. My relationship with my children should be next, and then relationships with others including our extended family, the family of God, and the world around us. Biblical priorities will go a long way toward correcting our ‘too busy’ schedules.

Then consider that you only have so many hours in a day. The truth is we all have twenty-four hours. None of us have more time in a day than anyone else but some use their time more wisely. To make the most of the time you have, it’s not a bad idea to budget your time. If you are too busy, look at what is important to you and drop a few activities that are toward the bottom of the “Important List.” Schedule nights off. Plan for time without responsibilities, this in itself will make life more enjoyable.

Also, think about the amount of overtime you put in at work. If you have to work overtime to make ends meet, then you need to restructure your finances. You should be able to put in a regular 40 hour work week and meet your responsibilities, especially with a two family income. If not, downsize because you are living above your means. It’s okay to work extra to get ahead, but if work or finances are our number one priority they have become far too important to us. If we are working so much that we cannot give any of our time to the Lord, then He may not be “Lord” at all.

Here’s something to consider. It is true, our kids need to be involved in extracurricular activities, but they do not need to be in every activity that school or sports has to offer. Whatever our example is, they will likely follow. Whatever we live; we teach. If you are working too much and staying too busy to give any time to the Lord or His kingdom, you can’t expect your children to live any differently. I believe that we should set the example of giving of ourselves to God, and then teach them to do the same. “Train up a child …”

There are some great things going on at ALT, and even greater things are ahead. I want all of us to be involved in them. If you are a part of the labor, you will also enjoy the harvest. If your priorities are out of line, I hope that you will take the opportunity to restructure.

What is important to you? Who are you living for anyway, you or Him?

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  1. Good Word Pastor! We are working on some restructuring her at home to open more time for church and ministry! Can't wait to get going full throttle!!